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About Our Firm & Your Future

Learn about our values and philosophy because your legal choices impact your future which changes each moment you attack and wrestle with your life choices.

The right fit makes a world of difference and no one attorney fits all your needs any more than one person can be all knowing all the time. Choose your attorneys wisely with care and good information to inform your choice situationally.

ZACKS LAW LLC [1] Counselors & Practitioners at Law delivers commitment, tenacity and quality to our clients. We study our client's business and industry, and each of the Zacks Law attorneys strive to be a forward thinking counselor and practitioner to nurture success and strategic planning for economic conditions beyond our clients' control.

Our practitioners combine almost 80 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of business and entrepreneurial law, technology and intellectual property, healthcare, real estate, constitutional law and taxation with a pragmatic and innovative approach to the resolution of issues.  "Start to finish" representation is characteristic of our practice.  From project conception, our attorneys nurture the project through the planning, negotiation, thinking, documentation, and economic stages to its consummation.

Zacks Law has represented large and small businesses, doctors, software companies, construction firms, attorneys, developers, lenders, investors, corporate users, partnerships, healthcare providers, individuals and others in all phases of their daily transactions, dispute resolution and litigation throughout the United States.

Zacks Law has particular expertise in business acquisitions and dispositions, strategic business planning, commercial lease transactions, permanent and construction financing (on behalf of both lenders and borrowers), condominium development, syndications, joint ventures, construction and architect contracts, developer representation, title insurance, zoning, and land use development and planning services. 

In addition, a significant portion of the Zacks Law practice includes representation of businesses and individuals when things do not evolve as planned in connection with debt restructuring, asset recovery and debtor-creditor relations matters.

Special experience of the Firm's counselors in other practice areas allows the Firm to add value to transactions.  Counselors work closely with Tax, Business, Technology, Bankruptcy, Healthcare, Litigation, and Environmental experts and consultants to ensure that all ancillary needs of our clients are considered and addressed.  If our clients require expertise we do not possess, we seek out the professionals who can provide the same commitment, tenacity, and quality to our clients.


This is to be accomplished by building on the historical stability, expertise, and profitability of Central Ohio's dynamic legal market, for the primary dual purposes of providing unparalleled legal services, cost effectively for the clients, and generating profit for the firm in the Ohio market and the developing global legal market.

Zacks Law has and continues to take advantage of specific opportunities and build a legal services firm to succeed in the multidimensional information age of legal professional services.  Revolutionary changes are occurring in business.  The sheer pace of deals and fierce competitive pressures in a global economy connected by the Internet and vast communications and computer networks have fostered a re-evaluation of professional services businesses.

Zacks Law believes that multi-disciplinary practice groups will be the norm in the foreseeable future so we have it today.  Accounting firms have already begun to "acquire" law firms. Many laws are in place to limit this incursion into traditional legal domains. It is only a matter of time before these business forces overwhelm the legal community. As with most business developments, the pace of legal rule-making responses are insufficient to address the desires of the business market place.

Today, that marketplace is global or at least not what it once was. The successful “law” firms of the future will respond today and anticipate tomorrow in the ever-changing technology world and client expectations that see service delivery through local, state,  national and international lenses rather than the boundaries of attorney state licensure requirements alone. This is evident by many large firms creating “strategic alliances”, technolgy assistance departments, research, deep investigation skills and strategic businesses with accounting firms and other professionals. Zacks Law sees opportunity in these new developments. Zacks Law is establishing the Power Law Network, a rich set of talented people-ready to create the multi-disciplinary professional service firm required by businesses and individuals living and working today and into the 21st Century.

Clients First

Zacks Law bases its service on the delivery of service to real people. People includes the people who represent your company and assist you in your business and life goal realization.  Service means convenience and responsiveness to its customers. Zacks Law will come to our client's home, office, travel to remote locations, and be on-call at all hours of the day and weekend if needed.  In developing the flexible, finest, and legal service organization of its kind, Zacks Law is comfortable reinventing service. Service is about understanding peoples' expectations and delivering a high-quality service that is consistent with those expectations.  In going the extra mile, Zacks Law has always subscribed to the belief that expectations have a next practical step or a desired result. We anticipate the close and post closing issues you are most likely to face.  Zacks Law members are evaluated on how our clients perceive and believe and measure how we meet or exceed our contracted service.

The Columbus Climate

For many years people have expected their law firms to be responsive to economic market shifts and business declines by readjusting the traditional hourly work agreements to reflect a downturn in a particular business sector.  As a result of the slow reaction of law firms to recognize the business environment, many decision-makers, individuals and companies, have begun to scrutinize the legal fees they spend and to utilize small firms, or to search out attorneys only when absolutely necessary.  Many forego getting counsel until they have a mature problem.  Often this maturity problem delay creates bigger problems at a much more expensive cost of resolving the problem. Many have hired consultants or in-house personnel to “practice legal compliance”, contracting and also oversee legal services billing.  

Clients have gone without legal services due to the perception of expensive and overpriced law firms.  Part of the opportunity here is to market services in a way that the client understands and values.  Accountants, business consultants, insurance agents, and financial advisors have marketed their evaluation and counseling services much better than law firms have. This includes contingent or “value added” services and indirect compensation as part of a deal or case. Some law firms have moved to plans or subscription services to often parse for clients levels of work by limiting the scope of work within the agreed upon price point, much like internet and application service providers with various “free” services along the way.  Traditional approaches to attracting legal clients will not work in the future for all clients and matters.  Clients and prospective clients want lawyers who understand their business and are willing to learn about the business without “turning on the meter” every time.

Lawyers have viewed legal services as a catchall phrase that has meaning to the average client.  Clients view lawyers as resources to accomplish specific jobs.  From the client perspective, the lawyer is either transaction or litigation driven (i.e. drafts a contract, analyzes a lease, protect assets through buy-sell agreements, defends or prosecutes a specific problem).  By breaking down the services into sellable components that are easily recognizable to clients, the perception of value can be restored.  For example, counseling services, negotiation services, litigation avoidance, and education for clients are distinguishable components of legal services that have identifiable value to clients.

Zacks Law is uniquely positioned to exploit the opportunities in Columbus, the surrounding counties and now, almost anywhere in the world where the client works.  Zacks Law combines experience, computer technology [3], resources, flexible fee agreements, and diverse experience to manage the changes occurring in attorney-client relationships.  The legal profession has undergone revolutionary changes due to the information age and now the challenge is to anticipate and target the legal business challenges that families, business firms, real estate firms and individuals will face.

To some degree there will be two poles of legal services; 1) the techno-responsive firms, and 2) the boutique specialists.  Between these polar opposites, many clients will move from law firm to law firm and will only have loyalty based on value at a given point. Institutions will vie for institutional law firms or situation-specific experts. We strive to create worthwhile long term relationships and also to be flexible to accommodate limited scopes of work which is why our best referral source for over 30 years has been other lawyers and clients who realize the need for cost effective services that meet the multidisciplinary realities of their friends, family members, employees and attorneys own legal services clients.

In the legal industry, competition, complexity, and technology is on the rise and concomitantly, so are client expectations.  Sustainable firms will emerge as best being able to service the specialized needs of each client.


The ability of Zacks Law is a capability unique to Columbus legal services. Zacks Law has large firm sophistication, experience and resources, combined with client centric, human needs and the firm's ambiance is oriented to cost effective quality.  Competition in Columbus is keen. National firms, as well as Cleveland and Cincinnati based firms have entered the market in large numbers.  Local medium sized firms are undergoing major transformations as founding partners retire or have passed away.  Client loyalty has been compromised and with it opportunities are created for open-minded professionals.

Future - Today - Opportunity

Zacks Law believes that the future is today, it's here now and evolving.  Before it was common for attorneys to engage in businesses while engaging in the practice of law.  The opportunities which clients and others brought to attorneys were because the attorney was a “counselor” in the truest and most trusted sense of the word.  At Zacks Law, we look for opportunities to create businesses and ventures for our clients and ourselves and are compelled to include our colleagues, mentors, and vendors in these opportunities.  We can only provide for the future by sharing and nurturing the relationships we develop and having fun while serving the clients, community, and society in which we live and work.

Commitment to Community and Family

The people at Zacks Law have a strong unwavering commitment to family, well-being, health, and community and serve on the boards of various charitable and religious institutions.  Zacks Law has a tradition of assisting clients of all social and economic conditions and stature on a pro bono or reduced fee basis.  As a member of the Columbus community, Zacks Law members will speak at seminars or local community centers on topics of interest and join with other professionals to create information seminars as events warrant.

Zacks Law believes that to be a Counselor and Practitioner at Law requires that the first priority of any such person is to their family and then by taking care of your own family, you will be able to meet the demanding and conscientious needs of the clients who entrust to you their business and personal matters.

[1] Zacks Law is a limited liability company, which enables each attorney to be an owner and also receive certain degrees of limited liability.

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