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We do not typically work in the following areas; however, we have had experience in areas such as domestic and family law, QUIDRO arrangements, insurance defense, personal injury, employment & labor law, patent law, worker's compensation law, OMVI-traffic matters, blue-collar and criminal law, election law, regulatory lobbying, ERISA, insurance defense, subrogation, Qui Tam Actions, among other areas. 

We also have a longstanding tradition and dedication to working with, serving as co-counsel, and giving referrals to the best lawyers in the subject matter at rates that make sense for your situation. 

No lawyer or professional can have perfect knowledge and instantaneous knowledge of all things and all matters. While patterns do exist and unfold, there are often overpaying concerns and priorities that all legal matters invoke. A simple car crash can have property damage, personal injury, medical insurance, subrogation, future insurability issues, employment impacts, repair contracts, claims management & coverage disputes and securing personal effects problems that require considerations of many areas of law that may often be taken for granted.

Be kind and focused on these inevitable truths as you work with professionals you encounter. Share with them what is seemingly not relevant, so they understand how best to service you. Only you know what you experience and do not shortchange yourself by holding back information & whatever could be important. Inform your advocates to enable your professional advisors to look past the bruise on your skin and understand how it came to be there. Bruises may be signs of other conditions.

In real estate and home or building purchases, use counsel to evaluate the contract during the following stages: pre-signing, due diligence and contingency investigations, financing negotiations and documents, escrow closing and regulations for closing procedures and "HUD" closing statements or settlement statements, deductibility of moving, transactions costs, title condition, off record title issues, neighbor history, neighborhood history, premises history and details about the area, the electrical sources, water and sewers, drainage, development and its zoning. In land ownership, you also can acquire air rights, mineral rights, encumbrances and restriction on your house as well as financial obligations. 

These practical items affect your buy-side as to how you use what you purchase and affect the seller-side by cutting off future exposures and getting the deal closed.

THIS CAUTIONARY SAYING HAS MANY MEANINGS...."the devil is in the details"......"caveat emptor".

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