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Intellectual Property and Creative Rights

Humans are blessed with infinite imagination and ingenuity, and this is where the land of intellectual property and the creative arts enable you to own, receive royalties, recurring subscription revenue, ad income, copyrights, trade secrets, secure and document ownership, and also receive credit and build your professional reputation or develop your hobbies and interests in a prideful manner for generations to come.

We document and help you monetize your ideas in the tangible forms of medium and expression that are the evidence and proof that it's yours.

The Internet and the emerging technologies such as block-chain, tokens, digital assets, ideas and games, music, performances, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), augmented reality, virtual lives and applications, software, coding, and the dependent base technologies are the tip of the iceberg as we as a society move from the Industrial Age to the Information Age to the Digital Age.  Just as we moved from the spoken word to the pictorial world to the written word, to oratory to the print media, and into the information age, typically the laws trail the expressions and exchanges of value that foster the renaissance of the explosion of ideas within each new field. There exists a group of risk-takers who imagine a world where people could fly, and people react to the disbelief, and often decades later that idea has evolved and transformed into accepted. It becomes a launch point. Like a new alphabet or language for the next enthralled creative people to imagine and build parts that change public perception. It is recognized that the best technology does not always win the immediate day because powerful interests make it so adoption of the “NEW” is first viewed as a threat and then as that threat is understood often it's not upending the power within an industry to the point of eliminating that technology but changing it. 

"Mr. Zacks notes that creative ideas have value and depend on protection and execution to be more valuable!"

Notice how music was always part of tribal and ritual life and then branched into the expression for fun. Its limitation began based on only being able to expose small groups of people first then with phonograph and recording tapes etc. to a digital file played across airwaves, wires, and beams of energy is now a song for one today and within minutes a song heard by thousands, even millions. So too is the emerging aspects of intellectual property whether it be technology that makes something, that shares ideas in a novel way or simply is a printed message that can be shared to the multitudes, IP is exploding and government, institutions, and business people are finding ways to capture, define the ‘original' and others want to own it. In the case of NFTs they are the digital unique copy that can then be shared but only one ownership exists of the digital token forever, to be bought sold, traded, sadly even stolen, and around this are developing legal questions and future rules to address it.

But for the immediate present Intellectual Property for our clients are the traditional legal definitions that enable us to provide to you the understanding of how to preserve, protect, defend and realize that you can create something and preserve your credit and ownership for doing so.

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