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General Counsel

The Law Dictionary and Webster's dictionaries define a general counsel as: 

"A senior partner in a law firm or the firm's full-time employee who is a senior lawyer representing a firm" (The Law Dictionary)

"A lawyer at the head of a legal department (as of a corporation or government agency)" (Webster's)

At Zacks Law, we define your General Counsel as a relationship with a Zacks Law attorney or group of our attorneys, who serve you as the head of your legal department focused on making you, whether you be an individual or company fully informed as to your legal decisions and the legal options available to you to navigate the world in which you live and operate. 

We recognize that not all legal issues fit neatly in a subject box and often have numerous angles both business and practical to consider. If we can be at your side and inside your head and organization, we can provide beneficial services that are present, reliable, informed, investigated, researched and thoughtful yet highly personalized to your unique concerns and enable avoiding minefields for success. 

We tailor your legal service of your General Counsel to a scope of work that eliminates traditional hesitation of calling and asking the question for fear of an unknown bill. This enables you using your GC before a problem exists or during the discovery, investigation and evaluation of what action is best to meet the changing dynamics and exposures created by legal issues. This helps you become adept at understanding and navigating the problem just like the most complex organizations in the world while also making it practical and affordable.

Currently, Zacks Law serves as General Counsel to several businesses, including, start-ups, energy firms, an automobile dealer, telecommunications company, railroad contractor, construction firm, specialty manufacturing company, real estate development firm, a computer hardware company, and a software company.

Every business needs legal advice and every person in business creates legal contract expectations and no one person is all-knowing. The number one problem is getting the legal answer after you engaged in risky conduct, which could stop your ability to protect your business.

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