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Resources Policy 

Zacks Law recognizes that resources vary from client to client and yet no law firm or service provider has a monopoly on resources needed to advance a problem, to better reach a solution and pre-determine a given outcome. We understand that resources need be cultivated and then deployed in each client situation. While some resources to allocate involve a client, its family members, its professionals and others, all are a function of coalescing the resources to the task at hand to efficiently, cost effectively, and in reliance on the known resource expertise which may be employed in each matter attack the problem. 

The Zacks Law policy is to evaluate what is needed, apply time and economic budgeting to the resource allocation, make recommendations that meet your objectives, work with the resources on your behalf, hold the resource provider accountable as you would do, and develop a working relationship conducive to effective resource use for you, the client.

Resource examples: experts on specific industries, topics, transactions & methods; forensic investigators, accountants, computer specialists, data interpreters; hardware and software; personnel to isolate and execute when client capabilities are lacking; traditional subject matter experts for investigation, testimony, mock trails, depositions, scenario planning, and courtroom litigation as well as  jury psychology; private investigators, researchers and others.

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