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Technology Simplification Coaching

Technology in the 21st century has become more diversified and complex and will impact legal relationships in many known and unforeseen ways.

Individuals and businesses will require assistance to understand the technology and how the technology will best be used, how long it will be used, when to use it, when to upgrade the hardware and software, what software to use and how to plan for technological changes and opportunities because all activity has legal implications and could create exposure for the people using the technology.  Much of technology consulting today is sales driven. Zacks Law Technology Simplification Services are not salespeople or permitted to recommend specific vendors, rather they are users of the technology and coach clients on how the technology impacts on their businesses or litigation exposure.

We know that after investing In technology each business or person desires to get the most out of it yet realizes its designed to be iterated improved  and changes. This is why each new version of the technology is written and spoken about as it being a "dot" X version. 

Consider that each technology click to accept an agreement you do and do not read creates a monetary and legal obligation you agree to, and to undo what your experience turns into is very very hard.  Get help from people who have been in the field and serving as legal counsel to the software and hardware makers and who understand the engineer mindset and approaches to creating the products you use and choose. ZACKSLAWFIRM.BIZ

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