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American Jurisprudence & Political Science

Political Science & American Jurisprudence are areas of lifelong study and learning.

These disciplines have historical roots in Mr. Zacks' educational experiences and practical learning experientially what it means to be an attorney at the end of the 20th century and into the 21st Century. 

Prior to becoming an attorney and always having been involved in relationship building, group dynamics, psychology, leadership in many ways and through school, Mr. Zacks believed in deep validating research and actually participating in activities to have a fundamental understanding of these interactions in human growth. 

At THE Ohio State University and in his undergraduate pursuits, he identified all courses that seemed most suited to being a well-rounded attorney. Consequently, he ended with four majors, Political Science, English, Communications and Business. In doing so he believed that by applying oneself to courses to learn and be able to teach the material was far better than merely getting a grade. 

Simultaneously, he believed in relationship building and found he was found of seeing both the big and small picture, and also creatively solving people into roleplaying in the decision making and allocation of tasks that best suited the skills and desires of others. This enabled him to work nearly full time in a law firm while pursuing his undergraduate degree on the dedicated long fun  route, with his spouse managing a 300 apartment rental community and also being active in his community as a youth group adviser, weekend sports enthusiast, hobbyist and was committed to his spouse, children and extended family. This in many ways was the honing of skills from elementary school and high school where he assumed leadership positions and traveled to be present with people and impact lives. 

In the space of the Zacks Law website, you will find articles references, and documents that reflect the rich role that political science plays in sharpening society and laws, mores and rights. Much of this is meant to show that the Law and its affects are often practical and explainable through the history or lenses that were prevalent in the social order when the law or rule was enacted. Contrast this with how the political scientists and behavioral psychologists studied this at a macro-level and how their observations and empirical studies appear to engender patterns that seem to suggest that human societal theory and order change, yet often repeat unless people become educationally accountable as they pursue their life work and relationships based on the simple rules of taking care each day to improve their lives and manage the hopes, dreams, and relationships where they spend their time. 

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