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Served as counsel in multi- jurisdictional matters, particularly, representing parties in the multi-billion dollar National Century Financial Enterprises bankruptcy, Securities & Exchange actions, adversarial actions and the multi-jurisdictional civil matters (15) consolidated in the U. S. Southern District of Ohio involving defense of and prosecution of claims of Rebecca S. Parrett and her companies from 2002 through 2008.

Probate litigation involving trust, wills, heirship and asset evaluation contests.

Intellectual property and domain registration and suit overcoming claim of U.S. Postal Service over to domain

Benjamin S. Zacks

Counselor and dedicated legal executive with over 43 years' experience in management, strategy, and execution of legal matters, in Business, Development & Capital, Real Estate & Land Use, Taxation, Technology, Constitutional Rights, Estate Planning & Probate, Special Family Needs, Elder Care & He...

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