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Notable Transactions and strategic business matters

Notable Transactions and strategic business matters include architecting international currency trading platform for $3 Billion client opportunity in Europe, $300 Million dollar business to grow to $500 Million; reorganized a $120 Million dollar business under succession plan, rezoned industrial park for $20 Million auto sales location, domain names sold for $1M, among other significant residential developments, numerous start-ups and individual business formations and successful complex litigation matters.

Worked extensively with creators and founders to preserve and position their ideas and products through multiple funding rounds and protection of the assets that their ingenuity and foresight created. Represented professionals, other attorneys, physicians, accountants, and business people in growing their businesses and when appropriate, selling their business, reorganizing or recapitalizing,  and  anticipating the F.A.T. (financing, accounting and tax) impacts for the security of their income needs and estate planning for wealth transfer to their heirs and causes they care about.

We have helped many in a pro bono context, for people unable to afford legal services for transactions to help them create new businesses, find funding sources, plan forward, and if things do unravel, to preserve what can be preserved. If necessary helping them to avail themselves of work outs, collections forbearance, refinancing, and even strategic and end stage bankruptcy. 

We believe that since the law is a living breathing thing there times when being in courthouse make sense and other times when known certainties make for a better result. Since we take difficult situations with innumerable variables we can not guaranty success, but we can guarantee that we will do our best for you. 

Benjamin S. Zacks

Counselor and dedicated legal executive with over 43 years' experience in management, strategy, and execution of legal matters, in Business, Development & Capital, Real Estate & Land Use, Taxation, Technology, Constitutional Rights, Estate Planning & Probate, Special Family Needs, Elder Care & He...

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